We’re a mix of individual parents, plus leads from disability specific support groups and specialist schools; we all offer our time on a voluntary basis and take responsibility for representing the views of a wider group of parents.  

We formed in June 2014, in response to the opportunities offered by the SEND reforms..  Our stated mission is "to bring people together into a community to improve services, share support and strengthen the common voice".  Our approach is based on transparency, mutual respect and trust. We will always expect to work collaboratively and in equal partnership.

We are:

Caroline North - Chair, Lead for Safeguarding & Trustee
Parent of three, one with cerebral palsy & dyslexia; and another with a brain tumour.
E: carolinen@sendfamilyvoices.org

Caroline Bern - Lead for Preparing for Adulthood & Trustee
Parent of a young person with a severe communications disorder and autistic traits
E: carolinen@sendfamilyvoices.org

Sophie Camilleri - Trustee, Governance
Parent of a child with dyslexia.  Chair of Richmond Dyslexia + SENCo
E: sophie@sendfamilyvoices.org

Prisca Cox - Lead for Post-Entry Programme post-16
Parent of a child with Down's Syndrome (a twin).
E: prisca@sendfamilyvoices.org

Sheena Crankson (associate)
Founder, Fast Minds - ADHD Kingston

Rachel Derrick - Lead for Short Breaks & Trustee
Parent of a child with Down's Syndrome.  Representative from 21andCo (charity for families of children with down syndrome in South West London and Surrey)
E: rachel@sendfamilyvoices.org

Jo Dixon - Lead for Special Schools
Parent of a child with moderate learning difficulties.  Vice Chair of the Auriga Academy Trust and Governor, Clarendon School
E: jo@sendfamilyvoices.org

Peter Evans
Parent of a child with profound autism.
E: petere@sendfamilyvoices.org

Tracey Gaggiotti
Parent of a child with ASD. Co-Founder & Director of Express CIC
E: express@sendfamilyvoices.org

Sylvie Harding
Parent of a child with physical disabilities, severe learning difficulties and multi-sensory impairment.
Representative and co-founder of Phyz.

Peter Hodges (associate)
Chair, Kingston Mencap

Penny Hoffmann-Becking - Lead for the Golden Binder and EHCPs & Trustee
Parent of a child with physical disabilities (cerebral palsy).  Representative and co-founder of Phyz
E: penny@sendfamilyvoices.org

Harry James (associate)
Chair of Governors, Strathmore School + National Lead for Governance

Jennifer Peters
Chair, MeToo&Co.  Parent of a child with autism.
E: chair@metooandco.org.uk

Katie Potts
Parent of two children with autism.
E: Katie@sendfamilyvoices.org

Sam Rospigliosi - Lead for Social Media & Trustee
Parent of a child with severe autism and dyspraxia, including oromotor dyspraxia.
E: sam@sendfamilyvoices.org

Saladin Rospigliosi - Treasurer (associate)

Alison & Kevin Sears - Leads for Local Offer, for Data Protection & Trustee
Parents of a young person with autism.  Leads for Richmond NAS.
E: sears@sendfamilyvoices.org

Nicola Staines, Admin
Parent of a child with permanent hearing loss. 
E: admin@sendfamilyvoices.org

Kate Thomson
Parent of a child with complex needs.
E: kate@sendfamilyvoices.org

Lisa Train - Trustee, Secretary
Parent of a child with multiple learning difficulties.
E: lisa@sendfamilyvoices.org

Annette Williams
Parent of a child with ASD/SPD/ADHD. Co-Founder & Director of Express CIC (Kingston), parent governor at The Rise School
E: express@sendfamilyvoices.org

Romany Wood-Robinson - Founder (associate)
Parent of children with ASD / ADHD
E: romany@sendfamilyvoices.org

By ensuring families’ voices are heard, and listened to, we empower children and young people to obtain the best possible care and services in Kingston and Richmond. 

We are always keen to hear from parents that would like to either join our steering group, or be a part of our wider membership and perhaps contribute to consultations and participatory events.

We work with AfC and other service providers on the commissioning and purchase of services for children and young people with SEND, including supporting their understanding of needs (needs analysis), drafting service specifications and taking part in commissioning panels.

*Achieving for Children (AfC) is a community interest company created by the Royal Borough of Kingston-upon-Thames and the London Borough of Richmond-upon-Thames to provide their children’s services.