Reasonable Adjustments - "I just want to be like everyone else"   Nov.2016

What can a school do to make school easier for children and young people with additional needs?

A short film from SEND Family Voices; co-produced with Achieving for Children's Accessibility Strategy Board and local schools.  Young People - in their own words.


For all children and young, school is about more than lessons.   For someone with a special educational need and/or a disability, there are extra challenges.  This is termed 'accessibility' and a school can make 'reasonable adjustments' to make things easier.  The law states that a child or young person must not be at a substantial disadvantage to their peers.

This film shows twelve young people talking about their experiences of reasonable adjustments, what works and why it's important - in their own words.

The film is funded by SEND Family Voices and is part of our work with AfC's Accessibility Strategy Board.  We co-produced the film with local schools, families and youth participation.