The definitive guide to support for children and young people with SEND in Richmond and Kingston
…words from Penny Hoffmann-Becking – EHCP lead for SEND Family Voices (April 2016)

In response to the many queries that we have received - and after 6 months of hard graft - we are delighted to launch the “Golden Binder” – a detailed guide to how the processes related to support for children and young people with SEND are managed in Kingston and Richmond. It has been a genuine collaboration between SEND Family Voices, Achieving for Children and professionals, including schools, Health and Social Care.  

Everyone who contributed to this project did so either as a volunteer, or in addition to their ‘day job’.

The binder is “owned” by a multi-agency group, including the SEN Team, parents and school representatives; it is intended that any changes to forms or guidance will be reviewed (roughly twice a year) and agreed by this group. We hope that this will mean clearer, more stable, easier to understand processes around all aspects of support for children with SEND.  While documenting the processes we have worked with AfC and the other professionals to improve and clarify practice – so the processes in the binder do differ from what has happened to date. If you would like more information on the key changes, please see the attached Summary document.

Empowerment and Equality
We hope that by everyone (including parents) having the same clear, consistent information getting the right support will become less anxiety making and more effective.  

Most chapters include a section on Who does what (and why) to clarify expectations. 

We hope that anyone embarking on an EHCP or transfer review - as well as those looking to better understand SEN Support in schools - will make full use of the information. 

Of course we are keen to receive any feedback so that future versions of the guidance are clearer and better. Email us at using our Contact Us page with any comments or suggestions.

We hope that you will find the Golden Binder useful – it has taken hundreds of hours of effort from SFV alone to produce. Below is proof in the form of a picture of the “Collation party” – where around 15 of the SEND Family voices steering group came together to collate the hard copy binders as a way to keep costs to a minimum. It took 2 days!

The last word we leave to Heather Anderson – the Therapies Manager for Kingston:

“I enthusiastically welcome the launch of the Golden Binder; the result of truly collaborative, co-production work between young people, families and professionals. The SEN reforms which came into place in 2015 created a vision for very different ways of working in the future, in identification and planning to meet special educational needs. This was very welcome but there was a lot of operational detail which needed to be developed, worked through and agreed locally. The Golden Binder brings together a handbook of local guidance so that there will be consistency and clarity in managing SEN across Richmond and Kingston. I predict the binder will be a much used and invaluable resource and I welcome plans to keep up-dating it as things develop, to keep it current and dynamic.”