Online Safety for families

June 2017:  We held three On-line Safety workshops for our families, and can’t thank enough those parents who came and our lead presenter, Peter Cowley (ICT and Online Safety Adviser, Achieving for Children).   Peter was thorough and entertaining!

“Thank you [for the workshop], it was incredibly helpful and informative”

We’re in the process of writing some Top Tips for families of children with SEND - and these will appear here very soon.

In the meantime, we have a stock of Digital Parenting magazine.  The magazine includes articles on Apps for under 10’s and a parent’s guide to gaming.  You can read the magazine on-line, if you copy & paste this link into your browser.
Or we can post you a copy; please send us your postal address using our Contact Us page.

The full presentation, complete with links is immediately below.   Plus, you can read a selection of publications on internet safety and videos further below.


vIDEOS & Literature

A selection of the most popular videos and literature; used by schools and other education providers. 

For help, go to the CEOP website above... CEOP = cHILD EXPLOITATION & oNLINE PROTECTION COMMAND

For help, go to the CEOP website above...


NB: Some of the associated ads overlaying the videos might be a bit discomfiting…   and remember You Tube throws you straight into the next video link without warning. 

For children and young people with moderate or severe learning difficulties
Know your friends with Josh and Sue – 2010 – 4.08 mins
“An animation looking at how to protect yourself online.”


For children and young people - with a hearing impairment and/or those that speak through signing
Sam’s real friends – 2010 – 12.48 mins
“A dramatisation looking at how to protect yourself online. The actors in this film use British Sign Language (BSL) and subtitles are also included.” 
As you might expect, there is limited audio – and the signing is quite humorous!  (parents can’t see what you’re signing behind their backs…)


For Infants; staying safe
Lee and Kim’s adventure   - 2011 – 8.35 mins
A bit like Pinocchio’s worst nightmare… donkeys are nothing on this!


For Juniors; grooming
Jigsaw – 2009 – 8.33 mins
Asks good questions – places social media in a real-life context, rather than virtual.


Lower Secondary; grooming
Tom’s Story – 2011 – 4.55 mins
Chilling, on what could happen – and shows the young person where to report to if it does…


Upper Secondary; grooming
Consequences – 2009 – 8.46 mins
How easy it is…   to be identified…  and seen through other people’s profiles.  Horrid perpetrator talks you through how easy it is, and how to stop it.


Upper Secondary; sexting
Matt thought he knew – 2012 – 4.01 mins
“This film follows Matt, a teenage boy who begins a relationship with a girl he has met online. Together they explore their sexuality via IM and webcam. Eventually they decide to meet up offline however the girl isn't who Matt thought she was...”


Let’s fight it together – 2008 – 6.30 mins
“Story about a boy called joe who is bullied because he is smart. This video goes into what it is like to be cyber bullied”


Exposed – 2011 – 10.34 mins
Starts with the consequences… and then shows how she got there… and gives some solution…

play i.t. safe  (from Cerebra)

play i.t. safe  (from Cerebra)


Learning Difficulties, Autism & Internet Safety - A Guide for Parents

YouTube - a Parent's Guide

Relationships, the Internet and You (for 11-14 year olds with learning difficulties)

What is WhatsApp - safety sheet

Instagram T&C's in plain English
...a 20 page document, reduce to 2 pages.  Most Terms &Condition's will be similar.  Read carefully.

ThinkUKnow - Parents Guide to Yellow

Information & Resources - factsheet from Childnet International

Finding and appraising information and evidence on the Internet - Cerebra

Spot the Signs (when something is wrong)

Children & parents: Media Use Attitudes Report - Ofcom 2016